Amazing Leafy Sea Dragons

Amazing Leafy Sea DragonsA photo interlude to lighten the tone & add some colour!

A little while back we took a Sunday drive down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (one of my favourite places around here). This is one of the many photos I took while we walked around the aquarium – a shot of a leafy sea dragon. Aren’t they amazing!

Climbing Frog!

Climbing Frog!These guys are relative newcomers to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, living downstairs from the Outer Bay exhibit along with the fresh water otters, the Asian Vine Snakes and a few other animals.

Next time I go I must take the tripod though for these guys as they stay perfectly still, making them a perfect model for a lower ISO setting (these were taken hand held at ISO 1600 to cope with the low light level).

Blue, So Blue

JellySometimes hard to believe that these jellyfish are real. They look so alien, especially against that very blue background. This is not of the clichéd orange ones from the large tank, but one of the less photographed ones in the smaller exhibits before you reach the jelly fish wall.

I will have some more photos uploaded soon from the more artistic jellyfish exhibit downstairs in the outer bay side of the Monterey Bay Aquarium too, which is soon to be closed to make space for something new. Many of those creatures are even more surreal than this one.

Sleeping Sea Otter

Sea OtterFinally catching up on uploading some of my recent photos to Flickr. Up so far are 40 shots from our camping trip to Big Sur (before the fires started), and a few of the shots from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, including these close up shots of the sea otters sleeping on the surface of their tank.