April Fools Day

April Fools Day is here again, and that means only 2 weeks to tax filing deadline. As a result, I spent yesterday updating Quicken with my last year’s financial transactions ready for the second phase: a day with TurboTax.

Today though I thought I’d upload a couple of photos taken during my day of site-seeing with Mark (West):

1) Another shot of the Cupid’s bow & arrow sculpture on the Embarcadero in downtown SF:

2) The Golden Gate Bridge, from the SF side. Not the clearest day I’ve been there, but still pretty good.

I did take some shots from the top of Twin Peaks too, but with the digital camera you can’t really make out much as the city is so far away. One day I’ll try to get up there and take a panoramic sequence, then stitch them together into a QuickTime VR.