Been a While

Posting frequency here is perhaps not what I’d originally planned, but then again do you care what I had for breakfast (oh, I don’t do breakfast, so I guess that’s not a good example), or what the traffic was like on the bridge in the morning (usually better than the traffic at midnight on my way home again).

So, instead here’s a collection of sites that came to my attention this week – in no particular order:

  • The Linux Bootable Business Card project, or LNX-BBC for short, creates a business card sized CD-ROM image that can be used to boot any X86 PC. Useful for those that might need to recover data from a crashed system, or for those that might have forgotten the root password to their linux box.

    It can also be burnt onto a standard CD-ROM for those that either don’t have access to a supply of business card sized blanks, or who have drives that make using them awkard (slot loading, or vertically mounted ones for example).

  • On a very different note, how about a potentially tax-deductible training course crossed with a cruise vacation. That’s what Geek Cruises offers. Most of their cruises are on Holland-America ships, and go to Alaska or the Caribbean. They are 7 day trips, and for the days at sea you get to attend classes on the topic of choice for the cruise (examples incude Digital Camera workshops, Linux, Java, Photoshop and MacOS). On the days in port, there are no classes.

    The tours are on regular cruise ships, and claim to have around 25 people in each class, so plenty of access to the experts. Those experts include Linus Torvalds for the Linux ones, and Bert Monroy for the photoshop class, and Steve Wozniak for the Mac classes so well known people in each field.

  • Finally, for this set at least, check out this web site promoting a digital animation movie created by the couple that generated the original Jimmy Neutron test. They work in their spare bedroom at this, and have produced a full DVD movie all of their own called WonderLens. Check out the trailers and other clips on their site – the clips are much more fun than the trailer!

If I find more of these amusing little things I’ll place them here, so keep watching for more tech, and perhaps even non-tech goodies.

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