Independence Day Weekend

A long weekend this weekend, and a hot one here in the bay area too. Yesterday (July 4th) we went to a couple of BBQs, and took Celina and Caitlyn with us (two of Kitty’s nieces). I took the camera, but it spent the whole day in my backpack so I don’t have any photos at all.

Today has been a slower day, but I have done some more work on getting Opie to compile on my Mandrake Linux box. I am fed up with the battery applet telling me that the power level is critical when the battery level reaches 50% and I wanted to fix that. I also want to see if I can fix the existing wireless network control panel, or write a new tool/applet, to allow me to select wireless networks more easily.

So far though it has been an uphill battle to get the thing to even compile. Assuming I get it to the point where it works, I will try to add something to my TWiki system explaining the setup I used. I did find another page on Thursday that documents the steps somebody else took to make this work, though they appear to be using a Debian system, and at least on the steps makes use of Debian packages.

It seems to me, given the number of people having trouble making this work, that there is a way to go before this is really ready for mass software development (or there’s an opportunity here for somebody to put together a good SDK).

One thought on “Independence Day Weekend

  1. Hi,

    Through my beloved webserver statistics, I noticed you are refering to my page, so here I come 🙂

    I would like to point out that the Debian aspects of these instructions are not essential, besides I have just added an introduction to them where I explain what to do under another Linux distro.

    Hope this helps!

    PS: keep the faith in Opie – I suffered as well at the beginning, but after a couple of months I understand and am able to change everything I need 😀

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