PDA Entry of Blog

Thanks to the wonders of handwriting recognition software, my iPAQ PDA running Linux and wireless networking I am bringing you this entry of my blog from the small screen via pen based entry. For a PalmOS user this natural handwriting entry takes a little getting used to – I keep trying to use Palm-style Grafiti form. The more I write though, the easier it is becoming – even though I am on this tiny screen that requires me to keep adjusting the scroll-bars.

The purpose of tonight’s entry was to see if my Linux PDA’s little browser could handle this process (and whether I could cope with the handwritng scheme). It has done admirably well so far, so my next PDA entry will probably be from a wireless hotspot out and about.

On that subject, McDonalds has actually gone live here in the SF Bay area with 75 hotspots – I wonder if you can “super-size” your internet access along with your fries?

–> Cleaned up a little- seems that the small screen also makes it really hard to see the places where the recognition s/w got ‘o’ instead of ‘a’ and where there are two spaces instead of just one.

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