Wi-Fi Shootout

I was intending to give you some information on the results of the recent Wi-Fi shootout at DefCon in Las Vegas, but unfortunately the page, hosted on Earthlink, seems to have exceeded its monthly quota, and has been shut down.

For those that don’t know what this is about, it is a competition to see who can get an 802.11 connection over the longest distance. It is run in the desert outside of Las Vegas where there is space for about 40 miles separation between the two machines.

Anyhow, I have sent the folks that run the site an email to see if they’d like me to mirror the results page for a while, or if they have a new location I can point you all at. The grand prize winning team managed over 35 miles by the way.

Update: There is now a mirror of the original results site here on blueDonkey.org. Enjoy!

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