Seems that there are those out there (in today’s case it would seem somewhere in Lublin, Poland) who feel the need to archive whole web sites on their local machines. How do I know this? Well, my web statistics suddenly get hit with a spike. The graph below is for August up until yesterday.


The spikes near the middle of the month are from the mention that the WiFi Shootout got on TechTV’s The Screen Savers – I had nothing to do with the contest, I just offered to host their results page for them after their Earthlink free site was turned off – the slashdot effect.

The spike on the 25th is a result of somebody at a Polish university using wget to suck down the whole of the site. Since the bulk of the content here is database driven (either in MySQL or in the RCS files that TWiki uses), it seems somewhat pointless to download it all as pure HTML. I don’t even know if it will work once downloaded.

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