Credit Card Applications

Anybody else fed up with credit card applications? I am getting them at a rate of about one per day. A while back I decided that there was only one solution: stick the terms and conditions page they always include back in their reply-paid envelope and mail it back to them. Perhaps if enough people do this they will get the message and stop sending these applications (either that or they will stop sending reply-paid envelopes).

Anyhow, this week one bank managed to send me two applications and in both cases they had a window envelope enclosed for the reply. The return address was on the back of the application form. Smart, but not smart enough – the part that was pre-printed with my name and address was on the opposite side, so I simply cut the form in half, making sure that there was no identifying information left, and glued that to the terms and conditions.

So, I think it is time to see if we can (a) stop this game and (b) generate some additional revenue for the postal service. Whenever you get a credit card application, send back the terms and conditions in the reply-paid envelope and be sure to shred the actual application form to prevent identity theft.

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