Where am I?

Well, it is not California. But for those who want to guess here are some photos. If you have any idea (and those who already know are not eligible to enter 😉 please leave a comment with your guesses…


Any ideas folks? I’ll have more photos when I get back – going to check out of my hotel now so I won’t have access to the net until I’m home again probably.

6 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Ok John – I’m going to vote for Hong Kong.
    Reasoning: Characters on the signs are old
    fashioned Chinese rather the new style favored by
    Taiwan and the mainland (I cheated – I asked one
    of the kids). Area is somewhat tropical. The Domninos pizza box doesn’t give anything away – I tell you sometime about the KFC in downtown Chengdu….

  2. If it isn’t Taiwan, then it is Beijing City.
    Because, yes Jerald, the Domino’s Pizza does localize the location by checking with their website of international locations. No Domino’s in Hong Kong, Lots of locations in Taiwan, and all the mainland locations are in Beijing. Stil working on the city.. .by examining that faint street sign.

  3. I was at first going to guess perhaps Beijing, but
    except for the the bottom-most picture, it doesn’t
    look enough like the parts of Beijing I saw to pin
    it down there.

    Hmm.. just to be different, and probably wrong, I’ll
    say Singapore.

    It’s definetly not Thailand, the writing is all
    wrong. Tibet’s most modern city, Lhasa, isn’t
    nearly that modern.

    Jerald is right – is a head-turner to be riding
    down the road in Beijing and see a Col. Sanders
    standing on the street. Then again, there’s
    a starbucks not far from Tienamen Sq, and a
    Kenny Rogers Roasters just down the block and
    around the corner (it’s a long block, though).

    The funniest memory from Beijing – walking through
    the grounds of the Summer Palace, where there
    were people hawking all kinds of more-or-less
    “traditional” chinese crafts – kites, pen kits,
    bits of worked jade, etc, and this guy walks
    up to Dave and I, rolls up his sleeve, and says…
    “You buy Lolex?” (his arm was covered with cheap
    rolex knock-offs). Dave and I started busting
    up, I mean, true belly laughter. The guy turned
    red and practicly ran away.


  4. p.s. I hope your flight(s) home are much more
    mundane and boring than the flight I took back
    from Chi last night…. safe journeys!

  5. Hey John,

    I know where you are! In Taiwan and I’m 101% for sure. Do u know why I’m so sure? It’s because of those pictures you shared with us online from ofoto have these pix also =)

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