Weddings & Japan

Just left London after spending a few days there for my brother’s wedding. The day went off really well, even the weather held. (Sunday made up for that by raining so hard that all the roads in the area were flooding).

The reception was held at the local vineyard/restaurant (Barnsgate Manor) and I think everybody had a great evening. I will try to upload some photos later on – I have 145 of them at the moment.

My brother and new sister-in-law are now enjoying their honeymoon down under in Australia, and I am in Japan for a business trip. Staying in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo.

I am currently typing this in on a laptop in the hotel’s Yahoo internet cafe – which has proved challenging as the machine’s native language was of course Japanese. Took me a while to find somebody to get it out of its native mode and into a mode I could use, but even now the keyboard layout is slightly different making it a little challenging for me… I think in future I will do what I did earlier today and just bring my laptop down.

One thought on “Weddings & Japan

  1. Hello, Brother in law,

    Nice to see we got a mention on your weblog! The photos,and yes there are a lot, I have seen are very good. You gave the professional photographer a run for his money. I hear you have zapped out the red eye. Great news, as I know I am a little devil just do not want to look like one!

    See you at Christmas

    Vanessa x

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