Japanese Toilets (Part 2)

Well, it seems that I was behind the curve so to speak. Wired magazine had an article all about something far more advanced than the toilet I encountered in the hotel room.

Seems that this one comes with a remote control and also automatically raises the seat when somebody approaches. My favourite quote from the article though has to be this:

“Things are spraying, sloshing, squirting and swooshing. The theme from Jaws suddenly starts playing in my head, and I tell you I retracted my personal parts from that toilet very quickly,” Cohen said.

I have to say, I understand exactly what he means, only I wasn’t brave enough to press the buttons while sitting on the thing (well, other than the STOP button which I pressed the second I sat down to stop what the status panel described as Preparation).

Even TechTV is getting in on the act with a segment on Fresh Gear, their technology review program, all about Toto’s Neorest toilet. You can read their reporter’s reactions too on the show’s web pages.

One thought on “Japanese Toilets (Part 2)

  1. This obsession with toilets is not healthy. I would consider some psychotherapy, which could be another good addition to these hitech lav’s. A built-in shrink! Therapy why you sit.

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