T-Mobile Update

Well, it has been a couple of months now that I’ve had my new Nokia 6100 cell phone on the T-Mobile network, so I thought I’d provide a quick update on how I am getting on with it:

Coverage: For the most part OK. Somewhat annoyingly though my apartment in Alameda is a dead spot (except for when I place the handset on my pillow and use the hands free cord!). Other parts of the bay area have been great for the most part (we have had calls dropped on hospital curve where AT&T was dropping calls every time, but mostly it works flawlessly). The Chandler area in Arizona was not a problem either – it worked perfectly everywhere I tried from the Phoenix airport to Chandler. Tahoe was a little hit and miss though; in the cabin we rented there was almost no signal (though that seemed to be true for all networks we had represented).

Phone: The phone has been great. It is small, light-weight and contains almost all the features I’d like. The one missing thing is the camera, which I wanted to play with more than use seriously so I didn’t mind dropping it from my list when we went shopping in favour of the small size handset. Now though I have discovered a headset + camera accessory for the 6100, so I am going to try to get one and check it out.

Customer Support: Excellent. What more can I say. My 6100 is not a T-Mobile supported/branded phone so it did not come set up with all the GPRS settings for the internet and multi-media message services. I sent them an email last night through their support website, and this morning (Sunday morning!) I had a response with all the information needed to set up both services on my phone.

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