Wi-Fi News

There seems to have been a lot of wireless news this week (either that of I just became aware of a lot of these things this week). In no particular order…

  • AMD Hotspots – It seems that AMD is competing with Intel for 802.11 Hotspots. They’ve taken a different approach though and are supporting free hotspots rather than paid ones (like the Centrino branded T-Mobile hotspots.
  • Asoka USA’s Powerline Wireless Access Point – An interesting combination of wireless networking technology and powerline networking which should allow people to easily extend the range of their wireless network. Only problem is the price – the wireless repeater products that are available are much cheaper than this, and will also support the 802.11g rates whereas powerline only handles 14Mbps, so is pretty much limited to 802.11b.
  • Intel claims it cannot meet China’s WAPI deadline – Intel this week announced that it didn’t think it was likely to be able to meet the controversial Chinese government mandated WAPI encryption technology implementation deadline. This technology is controversial in a number of ways, but perhaps the most suspect area of it is the need for any foreign companies to work with one of a limited number of Chinese corporations, potentially exposing their IP to this partner.

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