The more observant readers might have noticed the syndication link appear down there on the left hand side of this page. Actually, the blog has always been available to RSS headline services, but I’ve never put up the link.

Recently I have been playing with syndication of news services and even other blogs. My office machine has had the kNewsTicker running for some time, but with mostly large news organisations or the popular open-source software sites in the feeds list.

Yesterday, as well as enabling the link on my blog, I also installed the Undercover News applet for Konfabulator on my PowerBook, and I added the beta RSS service to the My Yahoo! portal page I use.

What feeds am I watching? On my Mac desktop I have the following:

On my Yahoo! home page I have the following:

I don’t have a good Windows headline viewer recommendation – if you do please leave me a comment. For that matter, if you have a good RSS headline reader application or news ticker for any platform leave me a comment. Oh, and remember to add my blog to your list of feeds.

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