Wireless News Roundup

Wireless Guest Access at the American University: The Register reports that the American University campus in Washington DC is now a T-Mobile hotspot, but one that is providing free access to users. Since the university already has a campus-wide WLAN of its own for use by students and staff, this new one is intended to be for guests on the campus. The deal also includes some discount rates for students and staff when using off-campus T-Mobile hotspots and cellular service.

Gateway™ 7001 A+G available: The second of the Gateway Computers wireless access points that Instant802 provided the software for is now up on the Gateway website. Also available now, for those after more in-depth info about the unit’s capabilities (including the support for guest access), is the user guide.

SBC Park in San Francisco goes Wireless: SBC Park, home of the SF Giants baseball team, has installed a wireless hotspot which will provide free access to the internet and also to the digital dugout during games. Check out the story in the San Jose Mercury News – interestingly, I could not find any mention of it on the SF Giants/SBC Park website.

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