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While scanning the web for recent reviews and prices for the Canon FS4000US Film Scanner I chanced on a review by Peter Kun Frary on his website. Included in the review were some photos of Hawaii. A little more exploration on his site lead me to his Photography Index page where there are links to more reviews, and his online galleries.

My favourites? Hard to pick – there are so many amazing photos. Here’s a selection though, in no particular order:

My olnly negative comment about the site is that there are no links between photos so you have to keep closing the pop-up window with the larger image in it, and selecting the next from the thumbnails. I’d prefer to see them in a slideshow format since they are all great photos!

In the end, I ordered the scanner from Adorama as they seem to have a very competitive price and, more importantly, good reviews and ratings both from mentions in FS4000US reviews and also on BizRate. All of the places with lower prices had comments associated with them regarding bait & switch tactics and other dubious, if not illegal, sales techniques. In my opinion, if a place has collected a number of reviews like that they are not worth the risk.

One thought on “Peter Kun Frary’s Website

  1. Hi there,
    This isn’t a comment, more of a question. I’ve seen your work and i think its simply breathtaking! The way you capture the perfect moment, everything is simply amazing! My question for you is… I was wondering if I could ask you a set of 15 questions for my gr.9 english project. The project is to interveiw someone in a jobfeild I’m intrested in. I wish to become a photographer BADLY. I love everything about it, and am always taking pictures, weather its on vacations or if i’m wandering my city, or just with my friends. I know it would really help me out a lot if you could do this and i would be extreamly thankful if this was possible for you to do. If you could just e-mail me back saying if you could or could not would be GREAT!
    Thanks so much
    From Lauren Wambolt of Dartmouth Nova Scotia

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