Japanese Pancakes

Spent the morning at N+I again, not working on the booth this time though. On the way back Satomi-san took me to a place near Makuhari Messe train station that serves Japanese pancakes. Now, this experience includes not only eating the food, but also the fact that the cooking is done on the table in front of you, by you – self-prepared pancakes in a restaurant!

The centre portion of the table is a gas powered hot plate which is lightly oiled and then has the raw pancake mix, including all the filling, poured onto it. At the start of the cooking process it looks like this:

Turning a couple of times through the cooking process, and then adding the special pancake sauce and some mayonnaise and the finished result looks like this:

Tastes great too (and many thanks to Satomi-san for cooking this one for me).

One thought on “Japanese Pancakes

  1. Hello John,
    It was pleasant dinner.
    It seems that you enjoyed “okonomiyaki”.
    Try “monjyayaki” if you come to Japan in the next opportunity, With satomi-san. It is Junk food of the local kid’s of Tokyo downtown area.

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