Apple @ Stonestown Galleria

Alameda sunset Saturday was the opening of a new Apple store at Stonestown Galleria. According to the report at IFO Apple Store people were in line at 5:30am. I turned up at the doors to the mall just before 10am (already early for me on a Saturday morning!). The line at that point was from the front of the actual store to the main mall doors, but it took less than an hour to get into the store.

The store itself is pretty small (half the size of the Victoria’s Secret store that used to occupy the space before they moved over the other side of the walkway). Not everything they sell is on display either (e.g. the Canon digital SLRs) – they do stock some of them though, and will get them out if you ask.

The specials for opening day were a minimalist black t-shirt (nicely boxed) and entry into a sweepstakes to win a bundle of stuff, including one of the new iMac G5 systems.

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