Racoons Again

Racoons Late last night (around 3am), there were noises coming from the tree outside my bedroom window. Wondering what it was, I got up and went out on the balcony to see shapes moving in the tree. Getting a torch (US:flashlight), I managed to catch sight of three racoons in the tree. They were pulling the cones off, eating whatever part they liked, and then throwing the remainder down onto the concrete path three floors below.

The shot on the left is not stunningly high quality (OK, it is stunningly low quality), but it was the best I could do on short notice and with limited tools (basically my little Canon S100 and a torch for some additional lighting). The racoons were not bothered by the light I was shining at them constantly, or by the flash I used on the camera. They were even less disturbed by me being there, and apart from a few inquisitive looks when I first turned on the light, they just carried on with the task at hand. In fact, I got the feeling one of them was taking advantage of the additional light I was providing to look for new cones.

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