Halloween Photos

PumpkinOn halloween night I was out with my girlfriend’s family (including three young kids) on a trick or treat mission in the Ingleside area of San Francisco. While they collected candy, stickers and even helium-filled balloons, I was snapping shots of the amazing work that some people had put into their halloween decorations. I had not planned on taking the photos, so I had no tripod – just a very steady hand and my trusty Canon S100 digital camera.

The residents of the Ingleside neighbourhood really got into the whole halloween thing; most of the houses had at least some decorations. Many had inflatable decorations and lights everywhere. There was even an animatronic black cat on one (perfectly manicured) lawn. Jack-o-lanterns everywhere of course, and at one house the two-headed owner answered the door to hand out the candy (to those kids brave enough to ask once they saw him!). The house to the left though gets my vote for the overall best decoration (click the photo for a popup larger version).

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