Hawaiian Flowers

Some photos of Hawaiian flowers taken with my new camera (the Canon EOS 20D that I mentioned was my favourite back in November). These were all taken in JPEG mode (I have not experimented with the raw mode yet), and in various places. The yellow hibiscus was taken in the Dole plantation; the red one in the Kapiolani Park (where the marathon finished), just beside the bandstand.

The orchid shots were actually taken inside the Hyatt Regency Waikiki hotel, sitting by the waterfall area in the center of the small shopping mall they have. These two were taken in the morning – we were sitting there having breakfast from the Kimo Coffee Bean Company cafe that is right beside the waterfall. The waterfall provides a nice backdrop for these macro mode shots.

As always, click the photo for a larger version in a popup window.

7 thoughts on “Hawaiian Flowers

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  2. Hey, I love the pictures…can you tell me what the orangey/red color flower is called?? that is my best freind’s fav. flower, and I thought for graduation I would find her that flower! thank you!

  3. The red and yellow ones are hibiscus flowers. The purple and pink ones are orchids.

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