Norio Matsumoto

If you don’t mind the 100% flash-based photo gallery, the photos taken by Japanese photographer Norio Matsumoto up in Alaska are stunning.

Without question the “Whales of Southeast Alaska” gallery is my favourite; the shot to the right, taken from this gallery, being the one I like the most (though there is another similar shot that comes a very close second). The forest and mountain galleries, “The Alaskan Forest” and “The Alaskan Range” respectively, are also worth viewing. I was less taken by the northern lights photos (though they are spectacular shots – just not my thing).

Thanks to John Sinteur’s weblog for the initial pointer to this site.

One thought on “Norio Matsumoto

  1. Alaska! nice picture. “Seward’s Polar Bear Garden”… haha…still can’t believe Russia sold it for ONLY $7.2 million.

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