Norio Matsumoto

If you don’t mind the 100% flash-based photo gallery, the photos taken by Japanese photographer Norio Matsumoto up in Alaska are stunning.

Without question the “Whales of Southeast Alaska” gallery is my favourite; the shot to the right, taken from this gallery, being the one I like the most (though there is another similar shot that comes a very close second). The forest and mountain galleries, “The Alaskan Forest” and “The Alaskan Range” respectively, are also worth viewing. I was less taken by the northern lights photos (though they are spectacular shots – just not my thing).

Thanks to John Sinteur’s weblog for the initial pointer to this site.

1 thought on “Norio Matsumoto

  1. Alaska! nice picture. “Seward’s Polar Bear Garden”… haha…still can’t believe Russia sold it for ONLY $7.2 million.

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