Blazing Speeds

Intermittently for the last few days my SBC Yahoo! DSL connection has been slower than normal. Most times in the evening, and by the next morning things seem to be back to normal. Tonight it was not just slower than normal. Tonight it reached close to a standstill. The screenshot on the right, which you will probably need to click on to see the popup version so you can read it, is from the SBC Yahoo! Speed Test tool which reported an amazing download speed of 1.64Kbps.

Better than that though is the honesty that only comes from a computerised tool like this: take a look at the information on the right where it tells me that the approximate time to download an average MP3 file on my DSL connection would be 203 minutes and 15 seconds (that’s over 3 hours), but on a regular dialup it would take just 9 minutes (over 22 times faster on dial up!). My upload speed rocks though, hence I can still upload this screenshot without any problems, and even post this entry relatively easily 🙂

Hopefully the fine folks over at SBC will rectify the problem tomorrow (if not before) and I will be back to normal. It’s odd how much you come to rely on the internet connection just being there.

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