Interview with a link spammer

Over at The Register they are running an interview with a link spammer. Nothing different than you’d expect:

If you’re affected by this spam, say because you run a blog, or a website, or like the other 99.9 per cent of Net users just come across the stuff, Sam explain the important thing to remember is it’s nothing personal. They’re not targeting you personally.

Or this gem:

“The question of morals is one for the individual. While it’s legal, it will continue. It could be argued that a website owner is actually inviting content to their site when they allow comments.”

Interesting to note the comments towards the end about captchas (tests that are easy for humans, but tough for computers, like recognising random numbers in distorted images). I was thinking about adding one of those to my comments form to slow them down a little more. That said, my current defences seem to be holding up pretty well, so perhaps I’ll leave it as-is for the moment.

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