Spriggs Rants

There are a couple of nice photos over on my friend Grif’s weblog. The one to the right of an arched bridge with an interesting sky (I like clouds in photos!). The other one is a collage of red and green leaves simply titled vines. Check them out, along with the many other photos he has posted over there.

Updated: Grif’s site moved to a new home and in the move the rants blog is down. The photo blog is still live though, so I have moved all the links to there for now.

One thought on “Spriggs Rants

  1. you’ll need to update the link on this page to the new new photos.spriggs.net. thanks to no more dsl, blog.spriggs.net will be terminated in a few more days – you won’t even get a 404. also photos.spriggs.net is moving so all the links will be wrong…


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