Mirror TVs

Check out this cool idea for a hanging panel TV: when it is turned off it is a functional mirror. MirrorMedia, the company behind this idea, have a number of different sizes (smaller ones are LCD and the larger ones Hitachi plasma panels), as well as a range of frame options so they will blend in with any decor.

MirrorMedia is a UK company, and all the current retailers listed on their site are UK based. There are distributors listed for Ireland and South Africa too, but no US distributor is given 🙁

One thought on “Mirror TVs

  1. Hi there,

    those products are really, really great stuff! Me and my family bought one in the UK from Simply Mirror TV (www.simplymirrortv.co.uk).

    We now have it over the fireplace and it is really great to not see your television, it looks sleek! haha! Really good! 🙂

    Just can’t recommend this technology enough!



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