Canon Digital Rebel XT

The blogs are buzzing with news of a new digital camera, as yet not officially announced, from Canon: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. Engadget, the digital photography blog and Dave Beckerman’s site all have mentions of this new member of the Canon digital SLR family. Let’s Go Digital has the longest write up (two whole pages, and well worth the read).

The specs are kind of interesting though, assuming they are correct. It is using the same Digic II processor as the 20D, but has a sensor that is quoted as just 8.0 mega-pixels (the 20D claims 8.2 mega-pixels). Previously, the Rebel has shared the sensor with its closest cousin, so I wonder if this is just an error in the pre-announcement specs. The remainder of the specs are just slightly lower than the 20D (e.g. 3 fps continuous shoot vs 5 fps for the 20D), which would seem to match up with the original Digital Rebel vs 10D comparison. The currrent “educated guess” for the price seems to be around US$1000 with the 18-55mm lens.

Update: There is an even more detailed preview of this camera available at, based on a pre-release version they got to play with.

Update: This one is spreading around the blogs fast. Today Tech Digest and Gizmodo have posts mentioning it.

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