Safari West

Friday found most of the folks from Devicescape up at Safari West in Santa Rosa for an African safari in California! The safari was a blast – a drive around the 400 acre preserve in an open safari jeep with a driver who knows about everything you’re going to see. Unlike the more commercial drive-through safari places (such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida), this one stops regularly allowing the occupants to get photos, hear about the animals and ask questions. It also allows the animals check out the vehicle and its occupants (sometimes close up).

The ostrich on the right took a fancy to one of the guys in our jeep, and she repeatedly pulled at his shirt sleeve despite several attempts to discourage her (gently of course). The photo was taken while she was checking out the camera – from about a foot in front of it. We were also examined by a giraffe and watched by the cape buffalo from a few feet away as we passed by.

After lunch, we took a guided walking tour of the aviary and had some more closeup time with the giraffes before heading back to San Francisco.

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