World’s Best Restaurants

The BBC has an article up today about the world’s best restaurants. The top ten list is as follows:

  1. The Fat Duck, Bray, Berkshire, UK
  2. El Bulli Montjoi, Spain
  3. The French Laundry, Yountville California, US
  4. Tetsuya’s, Sydney, Australia
  5. Gordon Ramsay, London, UK
  6. Pierre Gagnaire, Paris, France
  7. Per Se, New York, US
  8. Tom Aikens, London, UK
  9. Jean Georges, New York, US
  10. St John, London, UK

So what? Well, look at the country that has the most restaurants in this list… the United Kingdom (taking first place, and with a total of four restaurants in the top ten). The country continually criticised for having poor food. And look at France – just a single restaurant on the list. How times change, eh?

4 thoughts on “World’s Best Restaurants

  1. how selective the world’s press! This survey is an annual survey by a European magazine, including chefs and critics the world over, most
    noticeably the head chef at The French Laundry, who has topped the list for the past 3 years, and has his second restaurant, Per Se, in
    top 10 also. Seems as if certain other countries choose to ignore when their own chefs aren’t quite at the cutting edge any more!

  2. Yeah – it does seem like the scope of their review was a little limited. That being said, when I travelled to th UK last year I was impressed ith the quality of the food. I was even lucky enough to check out some of the swankier joints.

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