Useless Parcel Service

I had hoped to be able to install Tiger on my PowerBook this weekend. The package from Amazon should have been delivered on Thursday according to the tracking information from the Useless Parcel Service.

First the box sat in San Pablo for two days without anything changing on the tracking info. Then, two days in a row they have managed to arrive at a time when there is nobody in the leasing office to sign for the box; today they even managed to miss the end of their own “approximate time of next attempt” window (10:30am to 2pm) by over 4 hours, not turning up until after 6pm! I actually wonder why people bother to use them for anything – they are over-priced and frequently unable to deliver (literally). This is not the first time I’ve had this problem. In fact, I usually end up having to collect packages from their facility at Oakland airport because they are unable to actually make a delivery.

The iLife box I ordered at the same time was sent out later, via the regular postal service. It arrived today, just two days after it was shipped, and was delivered without any problems on the first attempt. Amazon would do well to note that fact and drop the UPS option from their shipping.

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