Reflections on Seoul, II

In retrospect, cleaning the large silver globe would have been a good idea, but I didn’t really have anything on me to do that with (I was heading back from the shopping mall with some souvenirs and Korean Tiger and Mac Mini leaflets – will post those once I’ve scanned them!).

2 thoughts on “Reflections on Seoul, II

  1. Hey John,
    The only way I know you is through your website and my interest in Bayport. Buy over the months I really enjoy looking at your pictures, and the verbage you add to them and you seem to have a full life. You are a lucky guy…to have so many different interest, travels and people in your life, keep it up.

  2. Hello Joe,

    Thanks for the kind words, and I am glad you enjoy the photos! I will keep posting them as much as time allows.


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