Tom Tom

The first of a number of gadget updates, this is a quick look at the Tom Tom GO 300 that I have on loan. This little gem (and it is pretty small) has a sense of direction and a pleasant voice to provide directional hints while driving, but that’s not the cool part. It displays, live, a 3D representation of the map as you drive. It is not perfect (I have confused it briefly a few times), but it is a very cool toy. The only real problem with it is that it might be quite distracting at first; watching the map is not a safe driving style, but damn is it hard not to keep an eye on it. There is some more in depth information about this unit, and its bigger sister, on Linux Devices.

I would still love to see the Sony NV-XYZ in the flesh, but the Tom Tom is a much more likely unit to find its way into my car on a permanent basis; great for finding my way around in the city which is something that I would still find exceptionally useful.

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