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I picked up the iPod Photo primarily to use with the camera adapter but I have only just ordered this from the Apple Store online having given up on finding it any of the local Apple stores or other stores where iPods are sold. I managed to get a 40GB model at a clearance price, which was a bargain in many ways. At just a few dollars more than the new 30GB model, it is 33% larger, but most importantly came with all the cables, the cradle and the power adapter. I also managed to get it personalised by MacMall.

Since I’ve not had the camera connector, I’ve been using it as a music player and also, recently, to listen to podcasts. I also have thumbnails of my full photo library installed on it (almost 14,000 photos now). That’s not without its problems though. Unless you have photo albums set up for everything, the library is the only way to access the photos and scrolling through 14,000 photos to find the one you want is not fast. It is a shame that the “roll” information that iPhoto uses cannot be available in the iPod’s interface too.

All of that said, I am very happy with the purchase. It is a little larger (and heavier) than some of the alternatives, but, assuming that the camera connector works well, it is a lot cheaper than the device I was looking at for in-the-field photo storage (mainly to offload the camera while on a trip without having to carry a laptop with me): the Archos PMA400.

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  1. It’s an Apple promo photo. I guess I could take some of the iPod, but it didn’t seem worthwhile in this case. Does give me an idea though for some more photos I could take…

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