New Look

Finally the trackback spam became too annoying forcing me to update to WordPress 1.5 (I had been putting that off as I hate any kind of upgrades to things like that). In doing so, I gained the new ‘default’ theme which I kind of liked, but not quite, so I tweaked it! Let me know what you think.

Then I installed the Spam Karma 2.0 plugin. We’ll see over the next few days how that works against the spammers. They have over the last week or so switched to being all trackbacks. When they were mostly regular comment spam, Kitten’s Spaminator was doing a good job of keeping them at bay. Unfortunately, it didn’t check trackback spam. Spam Karma does, so hopefully that will keep them out.

2 thoughts on “New Look

  1. The new font looks good. Sorry to hear about folks using your images without acknowledgement … that is bad!

    Not sure if you are still interested: there are two releases at Bayport on the 25th (phase 29 and 30).

  2. If somebody sends me the pricing info, I will update the charts and master plan with them. Probably won’t be attending the lottery (I think at least one of my pre-approvals has now lapsed too, probably both). I think our house buying plans are currently on hold (though I am still looking around at other things in the area). I do drive past Bayport every day though and wish we’d been lucky on one of those early lotteries 🙁

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