iPod Camera Connector First Impressions

Having given up waiting for the camera connector to appear in an Apple store, I just bit the bullet and ordered it online. Since it was free shipping I’m not really sure why I didn’t do it earlier, but there you go.

Tonight I actually got around to trying it out. I was going to upload some photos I took while on my recent business trip to Seoul and Tokyo that have been sitting on my S100 since I got back last weekend. Then it struck me that I could test the iPod Camera Connector and also how easy it would be to get the photos from the iPod into iPhoto. I was also wondering whether it would cope with the S100 since it is old enough that it has a proprietary protocol. Of course, iPhoto handles it so I thought that there was a pretty good chance it would work, and sure enough it did.

Connecting the little adapter to the iPod caused it to immediately switch to the import screen. Connect the camera, turn it on and the iPod’s display tells me how many photos are available for import. Starting the import resulted in thumbnails of each image appearing on the screen as it sucked them off the camera. That simple.

Next step was connecting the iPod to the PowerBook. As always, iTunes jumped into action and did its thing, but it did not do anything about the new photos. Starting iPhoto took me directly to the import screen, with an iPod icon and the number of shots available for import displayed. Click the import button, and the photos were transferred, quickly.

Of course, I really bought it to take the photos off my 20D while travelling on vacations when I don’t have a laptop with me, so the next test will be from the 20D. First impressions though are that this little gem does exactly what it said it would, and will be the perfect solution to storing my photos while on vacations without the PowerBook. It would have been nice if it was bundled with the iPod Photo in the first place, but at $30 it remains affordable for anybody who is likely to need this capability (isn’t that most iPod Photo users?).

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