Taken in the Marriott hotel in Nagoya, the sign on the right is a classic example of Engrish. You can find a lot more examples at engrish.com and plenty more in the archives of the “An Englishman in Nyu-gun” blog – another blog from Japan written by an Englishman, this time a vegetarian one. I can sympathise with the problems finding food (and I agree that the okonomiyaki is a great option though!). I’ve added this blog to the links section too.

2 thoughts on “Engrish.com

  1. gotta watch out for okonomiyaki, mate. typically the topping is dried bonito. my rule of thumb in japan was to eat rice, pickles, and miso soup, just like a zen monk.

  2. The dried bonito is always a danger, but one which I’ve so far been able to avoid…

    Thanks for putting up the link to my site!

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