Mac OS 10.4.2

A whole slew of new features and bug fixes in today’s update to Mac OS 10.4. On the wireless front there were a number of things:

  • An upgrade to WPA2 (personal and enterprise).
  • Addition of AES encryption support for WPA as well (a feature supported by many access points/home gateways).
  • A fix for the problem with the retry button not working when joining non-Apple WEP networks that has irked me for a while.
  • Improved reliability connecting to networks after sleeping.

There were also fixes to Mail, iChat and Finder as well as a whole slew of bug fixes across the system. See Apple’s release notes web page for full details.

A word of warning though: The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that some people are having trouble connecting to AIM with iChat following the update. Oddly, the update did include a number of AIM-specific features, so perhaps there is something to this. If you use AIM from iChat, you might want to wait a while and see whether there is a problem or not.

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