Top Ten Search Terms

search enginesOne of the more interesting statistics that my hosting company provides for my website is the search terms that people use to find it. The top ten for July so far are:

    1 905 29.27% hawaiian flowers
    2 49 1.58% mexico
    3 47 1.52% bayport alameda
    4 32 1.03% safari
    5 31 1.00% parrot
    6 29 0.94% magic
    7 21 0.68% beer bottles
    8 20 0.65% vxworks
    9 17 0.55% detention centre
    10 17 0.55% generation 5 ipod

Almost one third of the searches that terminate at my site are looking for Hawaiian flowers? I need to change the subject matter I post about I guess 🙂

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Search Terms

  1. No, still getting everything together to be back on the list. Finalised that yesterday, so we can now get back into the lotteries. We’ll probably focus on the cove plans though since those are the ones that we really like.

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