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Looks like I will be heading back over to South Korea in the near future, and this time I would like to keep in touch while I’m there using my GizmoProject account. Unfortunately, the Linux version of the GizmoProject’s client is not here yet (though it is due in August, so I am still hopeful that I’ll have it before I leave), and since it is a business trip I’ll have to take the Thinkpad with me rather than the PowerBook.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me that if it is possible to configure hardware adapters to work with Gizmo, then it should be possible to configure a softphone. I have used a couple of softphones in other circumstances: Kphone for my Asterisk project at Devicescape, and Xten’s X-Lite. The latter is a lot more polished (although getting it to accept a configuration always confuses me), so I thought I’d try that first.

Installation on Linux is simple: just decompress the archive and run the binary 🙂 The screen shot of the SIP settings panel shows my configuration (obviously, replace the first two blurred out numbers in there with your own SIP number – the instructions for setting up a hardware adpater tell you how to find this if you don’t already know it – the Register setting I left at default; it becomes a number once the client registers). The only other change I made was to go into the advanced settings and disable all the codecs except GSM and ILBC since those are the two that the hardware adapter instructions said were supported.

Then I tried an international call from my Linux laptop to the UK, using the Plantronics DSP500 USB headset that I use on the Mac and it worked perfectly. It even shows up in the call history on the Gizmo Project website.

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