Gizmo from Korea

At the end of a week in Seoul for a business trip, and I’ve been using my Gizmo Project account to make calls back to the US and the UK from my room at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel. Since I had only the Linux laptop with me though, I could not use the Gizmo Project client (the Linux version was pushed out until next month sometime). Instead, I have been using the X-Lite client from Xten (see my previous post for configuration information).

The call quality has been excellent for every call – at least as good as calling on the regular telephone in the hotel room. We also tried one incoming call (via one of the access numbers) and that worked well too. The price of the all the calls I have made this week using it doesn’t add up to the normal fee the hotel charges just for making a single calling card call, and that’s before the calling card per-minute fees. Of course, I did have to pay US$20 per day for the internet connection in the room, but I was paying that anyway for email and network connectivity.

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