Maui: Wailea (Day 3)

Beautiful Wailea beach (this section outside the Four Seasons resort). We took things a little easier on day 3, heading down to Wailea after a slightly later start. We had intended to go to Hana, but decided that we would wait a day on that, and instead check out the Wailea resort, Kihei and then in the afternoon drop by the marathon expo to pick up our registration packs (including the number bibs).

While my girlfriend took advantage of the beach walk to get in her final training run for Sunday’s marathon (around 3 miles), I strolled along the beach walk, starting at the Four Seasons resort which was next to the beach parking lot we had chosen, taking photos.

After her run, we spent a little time on the beach and had our first swim in the ocean; although the red flags were still up, plenty of people were in the water at Wailea and for the most part it was calm. Every now and again though a big wave would come roaring in just to remind you that the sea is in charge on the beach.

Lunch was at Cheese Burger Mai Tais & Rock N Roll in the Shops at Wailea shopping mall. Then we drove back through Kihei to the marathon expo at Whalers Village.

2 thoughts on “Maui: Wailea (Day 3)

  1. Hi, was browsing the internet for a picture of Wailea beach at the Four Seasons. My son and daughter in law just honeymooned there in July. I was looking for a photograph that I could have enlarged and framed for them from there as a gift. Would you be willing to send me the file of the picture so that I may do that please? You took some beautiful photos.
    I will await your response, thank you.

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