Maui: Marathon Sunrise (Day 5)

Sunday morning, marathon morning, we were up early. The bus from the finish to the full marathon start left at 3:30am. Since I was only doing the half marathon, and that started at the finish line, that left me a couple of hours at Whalers Village with nothing much to do. Starbucks turned up just before the start with large containers of hot coffee though, which was very welcome; Starbucks and Jamba Juice were sponsors of the event, and both were handing out free drinks to finishers.

The photo is the sunrise over Lahaina harbour. I stopped to grab a few photos of it using my girlfriend’s Canon S500 (she banned me from carrying the larger camera in case I spent too much time taking photos!). It was full moon the weekend of the marathon, and that is the moon you can see in the photo, not the sun.

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