Maui: Kapalua Bay Hotel (Day 6)

Our first day of snorkelling, just off the beach at Kapalua Bay. We rented snorkel gear from the hotel’s beach activities store (right on the beach), and before you’re even waist deep in the water you are surrounded by fish. The reef extends down both sides of the bay, although the right hand side (looking out to sea) was much better. Also, the further out you go, the more impressive the corals get – inshore they seem to be suffering a little from human contact.

There are also sea turtles in the bay, although we did not see them; talking to people around the pool in the evening, several had seen them that day. Keep your eyes open if you swim there!

Mid-afternoon we took a break from the snorkelling, and went down to Whalers Village to pick up the marathon certificates and DVD (which we had not been expecting), then back up for some more snorkelling. I think we spent about three hours in the water total, and saw a lot of different fish, including Hawaii’s state fish, the Humuhumu-Nukunuku-Apua’a, or reef triggerfish.

Finally, a relaxing evening around the hotel’s pool area, waiting for the sunset and testing out the hammocks, which is where the photo of the sandals came from (oh, and our feet in them of course).

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  1. Hey John,
    I like most of your pictures alot but some of them are so unique and this is one of them. It is a great pic…. Thanks for sharing.

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