Pointe & Cove Releases + E-Waste Drop Off

Cove PricesAnother two releases tomorrow: one Cove and one Pointe. The top end of the Cove now exceeds the $1M mark; the same plan was just $810,548 back in phase 1.

After tomorrow’s lottery I also have to drop by the e-waste drop off day and dispose of a couple of old monitors and a dead DVD player. If you live on Alameda, and have some old electronics to dispose of, you can dispose of them between 10am and 2pm at no cost. Just remove any batteries as they’re not accepting those.

3 thoughts on “Pointe & Cove Releases + E-Waste Drop Off

  1. Any new releases coming up? How have the last few since November go? Is the hyped slow down in the Real Estate market having any impact on the sales?

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