Tokyo Reflections

Another hotel, another view. This one completely different from the Yokohama view! I am now in the Imperial Hotel in the heart of Tokyo (the centre of the Ginza district is just a few minutes walk from here). Earlier this week Japan’s Princess Sayako was married here at this very hotel and started her new life as a regular person (losing her royal status by marrying a commoner).

2 thoughts on “Tokyo Reflections

  1. Hope you’re having time for some fun. Weird that you’re staying where she got married – I saw it on the news!

  2. I am indeed. This trip, for the first time, I am getting to spend a weekend in Tokyo and not spend all of it hunched over my laptop in the room working. Yesterday was a trip to Kamakura and today I am going exploring more in the city itself (with the camera of course).

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