Windoze XP on Apple Hardware

GimpThe Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that has a step-by-step guide to booting Windows XP on Apple’s latest MacBook Pro laptop. Earlier in the week they also reported that Windows XP was booting on the new iMac machines too. Problem with this in my mind, is why would you bother?

Dual booting is annoying. I live on machines that I never shut down (my laptops sleep, but rarely shutdown). I have lots of windows, mostly command line shells, open that I wouldn’t want to close just to switch to another operating system, and then have to switch back. If you want to do this, get something like VMware that lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time. So, here’s a real challenge to the folks working on XP: get VMware, or something similar, running on a MacBook Pro with Windoze running inside it. That would be something that might be useful to those stuck with running a Windoze app.

Running Windoze in place of the far superior Mac OS X seems odd too. Why open your machine up to all the problems that Windoze brings? I would have thought it would have been a more interesting hack to see if they could get Mac OS X running on another Intel based computer. There are a number of non-Apple Core Duo laptops out there now, like the 12″ Thinkpad X60; how about getting one of those to boot Mac OS X? That would be a worthwhile upgrade.

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