Spider’s Web

The fine strands of a spider’s web, carefully strung under the overhang of a garden shed roof. This one proved too challenging for the camera’s AF system (I guess the fine strands of web were not significant enough for it to consider them the subject of the photo). With a simple flick of a switch though, control is regained and the web came back into focus (or close to it anyway).

2 thoughts on “Spider’s Web

  1. spider’s web is really tricky to photograph, especially on an angle. however, when the bug and the elements cooperate, you can get amazing results.

    interesting that with nikon dx lenses, you can override the autofocus without resorting to switches. even better, it indicates (to a point) where you’ve focused.

  2. Actually, I can manually focus using the focus ring even when in AF mode, and I do get indication in the viewfinder of where it thinks I am focused, but since the AF didn’t see the web, it just assumed nothing was in focus. I just prefer to switch to manual so I don’t have to keep my finger on the shutter release while I adjust the focus (releasing it and re-pressing will cause the AF to kick in again).

    I need to find a web with a spider in it next time I try this 🙂

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