Warning! Common Sense Free Zone

Hot - WarningThis sign was up in the wall of a dim sum restaurant in San Gabriel in southern California. Isn’t it the point that at least some of the food you order in a dim sum restaurant will be hot? And I would have thought it was even more obvious that Hot Tea would be hot – people would probably send it back if it arrived at their table cold.

Then, the other night I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a car – a Suzuki I think – where a gentleman all dressed for work in a suit and tie walks out of his front door and base jumps down the side of a rock to get to his vehicle. On the bottom of the screen they had a disclaimer that it was a stunt actor and viewers should not try to do the same thing. Really? You don’t say.

A few years ago I remember seeing a sign at Yosemite, in one of the pools at the top of a waterfall, telling people not to swim there. I wondered at the time what sort of person would choose to swim at the top of a waterfall that was several hundred feet high.

What happened to common sense?

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