Amusing, but sad

Take a look at the photo and see if you can tell what type of computer is being used there to create a cool photo book at Yophoto. It is clearly a Mac, although they have airbrushed out the Apple logo. Why would anybody do that?

Simple, the online user guide for the software that you must download and install before you can create one of these photo books says this:

Please note that unfortunately the software will not work on an Apple Macintosh.

So, the Mac was cool enough to use in their home page photo, but not actually cool enough for them to support with their software. And what is with the software anyway? Why is this not a web service that I upload my photos to, or something built on top of another photo site like Qoop? Shame because the books look like they’d have made nice gifts.

5 thoughts on “Amusing, but sad

  1. Figures. People know that the Mac (and Linux for that matter) is technically superior in almost every way to Windows but most people still use Bill Gate’s software and that is all they want to know. And that is what so many companies write code for. 🙁 DGC

  2. funny but i’ve seen the same thing in too many adverts – apple laptops with the apple logo removed and a window(r) layout pasted in with photoshop. the most recently annoying example was for a cakewalk sequencer – i’m looking for something to run on my ibook as garageband doesn’t really cut it – but cakewalk doesn’t run on apple hardware …

  3. Most of these ads are using stock photography. They aren’t choosing to use a Mac or not. It’s likely that the logo is already gone by the time they select the picture they want to use.

    Mac users, and I’m one of them, tend to make more of these things than there really is.

  4. Probably true, but it would be smart to check that the stock photo you are using is not misleading. The people at Yophoto must know that the laptop in the photo is one they don’t support (they must be smart people after all to have created Yophoto in the first place). It doesn’t take much to check the image on your home page, especially for products that are iconic by design and don’t really need their manufacturer’s logo to identify them.

  5. found the advert i’d cited above again. it wasn’t cakewalk. it was cubase, a steinberg/yamaha product. the advert is in electronic musician magazine. it’s definitely an ibook. it’s also definitely a winduhs screenshot pasted in. stunned thing is cubase runs on both osx/m$ …

    guess they were trying to cover all their bases.

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